26 November 2010

Cumin Roasted Wedges

A friend recently mentioned to me that they picked up a great little recipe from the Weight Watchers book - Cumin Dusted Roast Wedges. This recipe was verbally passed to me, so if anyone has a reference book and page I can quote, please do leave it in the comments section. But the recipe, if you can even call it that is so simple - 1 step really with 1 ingredient... Does that even qualify as a recipe?

• Cut up washed potatoes, skin on, into thick wedges.

• Pop in a bag or dish and dust in Cumin. Shake around to evenly coat wedges.

• You can either bake them on a tray with a little olive oil or you can grill them on the BBQ.

We grilled ours on the BBQ with some fresh salmon fillets and served w. steamed vegetables drizzled in a healthy oil, sprinkled w. gamasio - DELICIOUS!

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