01 November 2010

Spring Smoothies

We normally compliment whatever we enjoy for breakfast with a smoothie of some type. This past few weeks we have been LOVING the english and native spinach (that has been coming in the FIG boxes) in our morning smoothies. This week we were delighted to be able to include some fresh organic pineapple in our morning smoothies. The pineapples on the extra’s table recently have been wonderful. Fresh, sweet, juicy and SO tasty.

::Springtime Breakfast Smoothie::

    •    1/2 pineapple chopped
    •    2 fresh bananas (or frozen if that is all you have on hand - fresh banana = creamy smoothie | frozen banana = thicker smoothie)
    •    1 large handful of english or native spinach
    •    Water or organic young coconut water
    •    Various additions such as; macca, lucuma, pea protein, rice protein, cacao powder, chia seeds, flax seed*

    •    Place all in blender
    •    Fill with water or coconut water
    •    Whizz around
    •    Enjoy

NB: Please disregard the above photo colour - your smoothie should most probably be green in colour unless you have added cacao or a similar dark coloured powder. This smoothie was actually a combination of left over green smoothie from my breakfast and our daughters left over ‘berry bang’ breakfast smoothie (berry bang smoothie; banana (fresh or frozen), berries (fresh or frozen), water or coconut water, plus a little cacao, pea protein, rice protein or macca, lucuma powder* - all whizzed up!)

*please do check whatever 'powders' you plan to include, with your Natural Health Care Practitioner to check if they are suitable for yourself and your children.


Kristen's Raw said...

Sounds wonderful! I love green smoothies :)

Food Integrity Group said...

Yes, green smoothies are rather yummy, although not all people agree with us, and to those folk I'd suggest to add some more fruit, perhaps, or try a different blend. Start off with small quantities and go from there.

We had a question about the coconut water mentioned in this article. The blog post refers to the liquid in young, fresh, drinking coconuts.