15 March 2015

Latest co-op updates

We are letting this blog sleep here a little while longer as we get our website up and running in the various stages.

If you have come across it here, searching the web, for any enquiries we suggest you email info@fig.org.au. Alternatively phone the FIG Phone on 04166 47715, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

There's lots to share and we generally update co-op members every week or fortnight.

See you at the co-op!

12 December 2014

Co-op information for December and January

The end of another year is fast approaching. Where does the time go?!

The co-op is open for another two weeks on the 15th and 22nd December, then will have a short break.

FIG will be closed on 29th December and 5th January, and resumes on the following date:

First day back in 2015
Monday 12th January

Due to increases in the price of produce box prices will be $33.00 from January 2015.

During the final two weeks of co-op for this year, we will conduct the normal weekly boxes, a bulk order, have the usual extras table produce overflowing with goodies, and see two more weeks of the Member Markets - a great place to stop and buy some pressies - bring your cash with you!

See you at the co-op.....!

14 November 2014

Time for an update

We are currently working on rejigging the website.  

Until such time it is ready, we are unable to edit the current website and so if you are new to FIG, please read on... 

If you would like a $30 trial FIG box please contact us on fig.centralcoast@gmail.com.

Otherwise, come visit the co-op between 2 - 4.30pm any Monday (unless Monday is a public holiday and we open on Tuesday instead for that week). After 4.30, the super efficient pack up volunteers will have swept away most of what to look at, so please come in earlier...

We hope to see you soon.