17 March 2014

A produce update

Hello, on this beautiful sunny Autumn day.

Today is the last day for a few weeks that we'll be having produce from Peter of Cooranbong. He has his next lot of crops in and they won't be ready for a while. That means his lovely corn, potatoes, cucumbers and heirloom pumpkins are finished. :(

However, as one door closes, another opens, as we have Bill's butternut pumpkins coming in from today, as well as his superb eggplant and some tomatoes. We are also getting in tomatoes from Glen and Peter, plus figs, herbs, persimmons and some trial melons. The cauliflower, broccoli, leeks and cabbage today is from Kurrawong Organics. We have those lovely apple cucumbers coming in from them as well, to join with cucumbers from Peter, "blonde cucumbers" from Rob, and our new local supplier, Virginia. We Figgies like our cucumbers! Great for munching and juicing or even making delicate cucumber sandwiches if you wish, they are a very alkaline forming food. (AKA, good for our health.)

The watermelon is from Pat, who is in conversion to being organically certified. Hooray for another organic farmer! Ed is supplying some zucchini, and Michael has lots of wonderful greens. Just don't ask him about lettuce! The last lot were weather affected and he planted more, telling us very enthusiastically that the next lot were nearly ready - just to have them wiped out in the rain and storms this week. Farming sure is a gamble. Luckily he has other produce in the ground as well, and that is arriving at the co-op today. Jean's basil continues, and we never knew how much bees loved basil until we grew some of our own and observed the mass of activity each year, perennial basil in particular.

We have local limes today in small quantities, also some lemons, and the valencia oranges are still available. Russian garlic from Bailey's farm up the coast is in today. They tell us they have been planting next year's crop and estimated they'd put in 8.5 kilometres of garlic. That's a lot! They're also diversifying into other crops as well; what started as a part time venture is moving into bigger production. Hooray there as well.

In this year, the UN International Year of  Family Farming, we need to encourage them as much as we can, more than ever.

See you at the co-op...

09 March 2014

Jamie Oliver Pop Up Kitchen petition update

We've had an overwhelmingly positive response from FIG members - and the broader community - in support of bringing a Jamie Oliver Pop Up Kitchen to the Central Coast.

Many identified the need for increased awareness and education around healthy eating, accessing clean safe food and supporting local farmers. This is what Food Integrity Group is all about.

We are disappointed to say that council was unable to support our preferred Pop-Up-Kitchen site in time for the closing date of submissions and as a result, we were unable to proceed with our application.

This does NOT mean the potential to expand FIG and develop a community hub is lost. In fact, the show of support and passion for this project from FIG members and friends, local residents and businesses alike has highlighted the communities inherent desire and need for this kind of development.

This experience has fuelled our drive to succeed!  The valued support of members and community is integral in helping us secure a permanent site for a hub development and we will provide updates on the next step in bringing this FIG vision to life!

Thank you again for the enthusiasm and support.


02 March 2014

Petition to bring Jamie Oliver to the Central Coast!

Hi Figgies and all who are reading this!

FIG has just turned FIVE YEARS OLD, and if that wasn't enough excitement for the week, we have entered an Australia-wide competition for Wyong Shire to host a Jamie Oliver Pop Up Kitchen.

And so it is.... the start of our Central Coast Revolution! 
Sign the petition below to bring Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food Pop-Up-Kitchen to Wyong. 

This petition is part of a bigger vision to create a community hub on the Central Coast that will focus on health, well-being and sustainable living, and be a permanent home for FIG!

It's an exciting initiative and we'd really appreciate your support. We've had a great response so far in a short amount of time. Please forward to family and friends and help create history!!

For our members and interested parties, as well as the petition, we have a video being made at FIG tomorrow (from 2pm, Monday 3rd March) at Ourimbah Scout Hall. Come and join the merriment - and the possible chaos!

Also ensure you find our letter of support (will be signposted at the hall) 
and sign that too...

Thank you... see you at the co-op!