22 June 2013

A new FIG year about to start...

Well, a new FIG year is almost upon us and guess what that means?

Yes... annual subscription fees are due!

We recently emailed our members, attaching a payment remittance form for continuing (ie: not new) members to complete and include with their payment. 

Existing members may pay online and advise of their payment via email, or by cheque or cash in an envelope with the remittance form, dropped in to the front desk.

Please do NOT pay for membership at the extras table! Remittance advice forms will be available at the co-op front desk, and amounts are as follows:

For continuing membership, 1st July 2013 until 30th June, 2014:

FULL volunteering (once a month or more)             $30                 Concession $15
PARTIAL volunteering (once every two months)      $50                 Concession $25
NO volunteering                                                   $80                 Concession $40

Please note that these annual fees are payable up until 30th September, 2013. After that, members not paid up or those not in contact with us in regards to their membership fees by that date shall cease to be FIG members, in accordance with our Incorporation policy.

If you have any further queries, please contact us at info@fig.org.au.

Remember, this information is for existing members only. New people joining FIG instead complete a Membership Application form.

Forms, forms, forms! Please note that they can be emailed, 
and for paper forms we use 
100% recycled paper and recycled ink cartidges.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

FIG Directors.

10 June 2013

No co-op today - tomorrow instead :)

Hello to all our members and anyone new thinking of popping into the co-op.

FIG is not open today.

It is a public holiday Monday and so we shall be opening tomorrow instead:

Tuesday 11th June - 2pm until 5pm

See you there...