09 February 2014

New suppliers, great produce

The FIG box contents for tomorrow are 100% local. We've increased the quantity of some items to fill your boxes. Two are from Kurrawong Organics however the rest are from between Mangrove Mountain, Narara, Avoca and Somersby. Items for the extras table are a mix of local and further afield. Bananas have been ordered and our fingers are crossed they do arrive; they have been in short supply since the recent cyclone.

We're planning some farm and backyard inspections very shortly for new suppliers coming on board. We are also very excited about the heirloom tomatoes and eggplant which are new on the list the last couple of weeks, and there's talk of our newer suppliers growing more in time for FIG.

There were no juicing carrots or juicing apples this week again, however we have some of those lovely little local gala apples coming in which are great for juicing and eating. There will be some in the FIG boxes and on the extras table.

This week we're trialling the final ordering working out a little earlier of a Sunday, and already we're liking the idea - an early night for a change!

See you at the co-op...