24 May 2013

How to order a FIG box

From time to time we run through a few procedures to make it clearer for those new to FIG.

Today we're explaining how to order the weekly food boxes. 

FIG operates every week throughout the year, except for a fortnight or so over Christmas/New Year. Members can elect to set up an automatic payment system for weekly boxes, which can easily be stopped if they're planning a holiday, however depending on the situation at home and if they're growing some of their own food, it may be that a fortnightly box suits some better. Others order two boxes a week.

It doesn't matter how often or how many boxes you order, what matters is to order/prepay one week in advance. That means stopping by the front desk at the co-op and paying for a box the following week or fortnight. We finalise the numbers on Tuesday mornings and begin ordering for the following week straight away.

If you have been away and are wanting to resume collecting a FIG box, then please email one week before it is required. You will then be sent account details for payment online. The email addresses to use for ordering are either info@fig.org.au or fig.centralcoast@gmail.com. Either one will work!

At present we cannot offer direct online ordering but are investigating options, and hope to be able to offer this service in the future.

We do order spare boxes however sometimes these have been taken by Friday; sometimes we may have one or two still available Monday morning. If you email late in the week for a box the following Monday, you may have to be placed on a waiting list. Should a box become available, we will let you know.

The key is remembering "one week in advance" and a Monday night cut off. After that we cannot guarantee a food allocation for you the next week.

We hope that this has made ordering at FIG clear and easy.

See you at the co-op...