26 August 2013

This week at the co-op

We began the ordering process not knowing if we would have many greens in the boxes this week, however are pleased to be able to say that we have a full compliment of greens - thank you to our farmers and members!

The drier weather has meant Ed's crops have slowed down. Jean's avocadoes should be ready soon. Hardly anyone has garlic left however it won't be tooo long before new season crops are ready. Ginger is in short supply as well.

However, there is lots of citrus! We have white, yellow and pink grapefruit, meyer and eureka lemons, juicy, tasty navel oranges, a couple of different mandarins and some blood oranges coming in today.

The bulk order team will be sweeping in today to weigh and pack all the fortnightly bulk orders. They will be waiting for collection down the back of the hall at opening time, and we have two trolleys and a volunteer to help get them to your car.

Today is the first of our monthly market arrangements, for members who have booked up table space... bring some cash with you! This market will be held on the last Monday of each month throughout the year except for December, however during December we shall be conducting weekly markets every Monday. It allow members to sell their surplus veggies, pickles, jams, kimchee, honey products and health concoctions!

See you at the co-op!