29 July 2012

FIG on Facebook

FIG is on Facebook, and up and running!

You can find us at the following, for news, updates, produce information, scrumptious recipes!

If that link won't work for you, log in to your Facebook account and search for the FIG Co-op.

See you there...

04 July 2012

Temporary changes at FIG

Please note that some temporary changes to the FIG ordering and operating procedures have been put in place whilst some key volunteers are away and others have stepped into their places. 

couple of volunteers have been injured and are in hospital, others have found themselves suddenly without a car, yet more others are overseas working or touring and the main co-ordinating farmer is on a much-deserved holiday as well! All at the same time! 

It has been a good test of the FIG systems and indicative of the high calibre of people who volunteer at FIG that most of the day-to-day operations are continuing without too much of a hitch. It has meant a fair amount of extra work for some but, nonetheless, things are travelling quite smoothly!

It may mean that perhaps the choices list doesn't get posted here of a Sunday evening until late - or not at all - however please understand we're working to keep things running along as smoothly and as normal as we can! 

If sending an email to the FIG account, please note we shall get back to you as soon as humanly possible. If anything is urgent, please ring the FIG phone on 04166 47715. 

Thank you for understandïng and patience at this time and a HUGE THANK YOU to all the volunteers who have "stepped up a few notches".