26 February 2012

FIG turns THREE!!!

This week the Food Integrity Group is THREE YEARS OLD and will celebrate on Monday 27th Feb with a free FIG box draw. All members ordering a box for that day will go in the draw for their next FIG box free!

We began with a few members, some of whom are still with us, meeting at the hall in Little Jilliby, however we soon found a more central venue and moved to our current premises at Ourimbah in time for the second week of operation.

It's been a wonderful three years. We thank all our members for being supportive of the co-op and for all the volunteering they do. Without their help here and there in running FIG, it simply could not operate. We wonder at times why we have so many volunteers turn up when so many groups struggle to get any and are a bit perplexed about this. We think very kindly of our volunteers - a great bunch of people they are, too - and appreciate them very much. But don't all groups think this way?? If not, why not? Volunteers are at the core of any organisation such as this and we certainly value ours....

Plus, of course, the farmers!
N O   F A R M S,   N O  F O O D!

Farmers can be rather hesitant to supply a new co-op. One can understand when it is realised that a number of co-ops have opened and then closed up in a very short time, over the years. Farming is a busy occupation and who wants to spend time separating orders, deliveries, and writing up extra invoices for little groups when you can sell to to one market or shop? Well, that is until they realise that a food co-op such as FIG orders regularly (and pays on time) and offers a guaranteed order instead of the uncertainty of a market stall. FIG is now the biggest single customer for some of our local farmers and we appreciate their support and all their hard work in growing a diverse range of produce. We particularly thank Michael Champion who not only runs his own organic farming business but co-ordinates a number of local organic farmers to grow for us and sell to us as well, resulting in a huge delivery, just in time to be sorted before FIG members walk through the door to collect. A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU!

And don't forget the FIG CORE GROUP!

What an amazing group of people they are - there every week, either at the co-op or working behind the scenes to bring you your weekly food boxes. Thank you to those often-unseen-by-many people, for your friendship and support of each other - a situation to be cherished indeed.

Happy Birthday FIG, 
See you at the co-op....!

07 February 2012

Formation meeting

The FIG Co-op is required to hold a Formation meeting as one of the final steps to becoming Incorporated, and this will be held on 18th February.

Time: 2pm
Date: Saturday, 18th February
Place: FIG Wyong co-op venue.

Full details and notifications of this meeting and a copy of the proposed model rules have been emailed and sent to members; if you are a current member and have not received your copy, then please let us know.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~