28 March 2011

Beetroot Dip

How amazing have the beets been that have been coming in the boxes! Hopefully you read my 'Are you throwing away the best part?' post from last year and have been making use of the WHOLE produce; root vegetable, greens and stems.

Last week at a gathering, a friend whipped some of her FIG beets into a delicious dip. I asked if she would ever so kindly share her recipe with the community because, honestly, this is THE BEST beet dip I have EVER tasted. DELICIOUS!

This friend is a Thermomix'er, so the recipe comes from the Thermomix forum - but is also easily made with a little adaption using a food processor to chop the ingredients as needed, and a frypan on the stove top to cook ingrdients as required.... But wouldn't a thermomix be lovely!! It's definitely on my kitchen wish list!

Anyway - here's the link to the thread where the roasted beetroot dip is found on the forum. My friend does note; "I don't like as much yogurt so today's dip had approx a heaped tablespoon of yogurt. It is nice without it also, especially if you use it more as a sandwich/wrap filler or as a bit of a side relish for patties etc." My friend also notes that she only uses a pinch of sugar and not the full amount listed in the recipe. Do let us know how you go with adapting it to process/cook without a Thermomix. The produce list for this week hasn't been posted as I sit and type this. But I'm really hoping that beets are in our boxes or at least our choices this week. I'm super keen to try this delicious recipe in our kitchen!

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