01 March 2011

Seedy Summer Lentil Dip

A little something we threw together for lunch yesterday, turned out rather yummy. We used this recipe for our base inspiration, but added a few variations. Here’s how ours went;

• 2 Onions (sliced)
• 3 cloves of Garlic (sliced finely)
• 1/2t Coriander Seeds
• 1/2t Cumin Seeds
• 1/2t Caraway Seeds
• 1/2t Himalayan Salt
• 2C cooked green or red Lentils
• 1 small tin of Tomato paste
• Juice of 1/2 Lemon
• 2T Tahini sauce
• 1 small handful of Basil leaves

• Heat 1T of coconut oil in a pan
• Fry onion and garlic until translucent
• Add seeds and salt - fry a few minutes until fragrant
• Add the lentils and mix through until warmed
• Add the tomato paste and simmer on medium-low for a few minutes
• Let the mixture cool slightly (enough to process in a food pro)
• Transfer mixture to a food processor and add the lemon juice, tahini sauce and basil leaves
• Blend well
• Serve warm with crudities - especially yummy with fresh cucumber from the garden
• Also can be eaten cold as a great ‘on the go’ nutritious lunch or snack

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