21 June 2010

Updates Monday morning, 21st June

A link to the FIG online survey has gone out to all members and many have already responded, thank you. Paper copies will again be on the desk this afternoon for those who haven't access to the internet.

For online responses, please respond no later than Friday 25th June so that we may have time to collate the feedback and write a report, however paper forms may be returned to the co-op on Monday 28th June as there will be far fewer of those to add to the bulk of responses. Thanks for taking the time to voice your opinions and suggestions - and your good wishes.

New and local farms on board at FIG are Swallow Rock Organics (Hawkesbury) and Lemon Tree Citrus Orchard (Dooralong) - welcome and thank you for your wonderful produce!

A meeting will be held with several local farmers early in July to discuss plans for the future, what other produce may be grown locally and how we may encourage other farmers and suppliers to "go organic"....!

See you at the co-op...

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