15 August 2010

Updates, mid August

Just a quick update today...

Fingers crossed we'll have some paw paw and papaya on the extras table tomorrow, grown locally in a Permaculture back yard! Yum!!

Kel from Cooranbong is back with his lovely kale (as well as other produce of course, including those amazing purple radishes) so we have oodles of that tomorrow as well.

The first Aquaponics tour and talk went well and we look forward to the next one, on the 28th August. The kiwi wine is in the drums and is sitting there fermenting away for a few more weeks before being transferred to the stainless steel vat, and unfortunately the family day at the kiwi fruit vines was rained out and it seems we may not have another weekend spare to organise another date. We hope to have a picking day on a Monday and this will be announced to our members soon.

Please check out the recipe page (link in sidebar on the left) for a growing selection of recipes shared by FIG members and others. We're gathering together a recipe team who will cover recipes for both cooked and raw dishes and cooking tips for the produce you find in your FIG boxes.

That's all for today! See you at the co-op...

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