19 July 2011

Using ripe avocados

Yesterday at the co-op a tray of very ripe avocados arrived - unfortunately more ripe than we'd been expecting - however Gini, one of our many wonderful, creative, full-of-information members, came to the rescue and immediately wrote out a recipe on the spot which we'd like to share with you.

It's for Avocado Soup: apparently to be served cold but we think it could be warmed, for these crisp Winter days and nights....

No quantities given so add a cup of stock and keep adding until you reach the desired consistency, depending of course on how many avocados you have.

Pureed avocados
A good chicken stock (this is important) or equally good quality vegetable stock.

Heat the two together and cool in Summer or if desired.

Serve in a bowl with a dot of sour cream and some cut chives.

Thank you, Gini! Some more of these avocados will be available at Wyong this afternoon...

Avocados are absolutely delicious in a smoothie which I only just discovered recently. I've been making green smoothies with just about any type of leafy green I had to hand, but a few short weeks ago tried them with avocado - YUMMO!

See you at the co-op...

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