13 December 2011

The co-op yesterday...

Thank you to everyone who helped make yesterday work so well.

The roads around our normal FIG venue at Ourimbah were flooded and we could not get to it with our vehicles and the farmer's delivery truck, so an alternate venue had to be found - quickly! The Ourimbah Scouts came to the rescue and we camped out in their hall for the rest of the day. It was brilliant and the hall had a lovely feel to it, as many of you commented on.

Once we had unpacked and sorted out all the produce, the day progressed well.

Thank you to those members who alerted us to the problem, to those who stepped in at short notice to assist, and those who got in touch with other members not on email or not easily contactable. Everyone due to get a box yesterday did, except for a couple who are heading to Wyong today.

For the handful of people who turned up at the normal venue in the afternoon - yes, we know the waters subsided however it wasn't until just before opening time that we were able to get there in a four wheel drive vehicle and post notices of our change of venue on the doors at Bill Sohier Park Hall.

A huge thank you to Ourimbah Scouts for use of their lovely hall.

See you at the co-op!

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