21 October 2012

Recipes and local produce

For anyone who hasn't visited the FIG Facebook page, here are a couple of recipes and links to recipes our Facebook team have used to cook some of the yummy produce found in the FIG boxes.

As members walk along the tables and pack their weekly produce, there is often talk amongst them about how to prepare and cook the various vegetables. Even a stint in the desk queue can provide some great tips and hints!

Here's one:

"While I was nosing around the extras table, I heard two lovely ladies talk about how they were going to make a vegetable lasagne with pumpkin and spinach. They inspired me, so yesterday I made my own ricotta (using this method http://typicallyred.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/say-cheese.html
) and made a tomato sauce with onion, garlic and lots of carrot. Softened some chopped zucchini and mushroom and mixed in the ricotta, some creme fraiche and parmesan. Then layered it all up with lasagne sheets. Everyone loved it!"

That sounds sooooo scrumptious! Tuckerflora Organically certified mushrooms are going to be in the boxes tomorrow with the usual multitude-of-green choices, zucchini has been ordered for the extras tables, with carrots, garlic and new season brown onions as well.

Here's a link to another recipe Figgies have made:

"How about a lovely recipe for provencal vegetables?

This week we have ordered the normal red beetroot as well as "candy striped beetroot"(Chioggia) from Ed, our 80-something, newly certified organic local farmer! Some weeks Ed will have red, chioggia and gold beetroot. What a great selection. If FIG members would like to see more beetroot on the extras table, all they need to do is email in about five days in advance and request it. If it's available, Ed will supply it. Great for pickling recipes, juicing in quantities (both the beetROOT and the beet greens), roasting and dips, and grated raw in salads. Here's a beetroot recipe Figgies have used: http://www.midwestliving.com/recipe/salads/goat-cheese-and-roasted-beet-salad-with-lemon-vinaigrette

This week local (Cooranbong to Mangrove Mountain) broccolini from Bill, broccoli, cauliflowers and sugarloaf cabbages from Peter will be in the boxes, on their own or in choices, as well as Ed's french leeks, Jean and Allen's (Tuckerflora) avocados, various greens from Ed, Bill and Michael, citrus from The Mountain and John Priestly's Biodynamic farm, and much more.

Order forms for this fortnight's bulk order will be sent out to members this morning.

See you at the co-op!

Edited to say that Blogger has gone a little astray this morning and keeps putting extra spaces in between some paragraphs whilst removing them in others, and all manner of little annoying features! We hope the end product is readable...

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