25 April 2013

Autumn update

It's Autumn, with beautiful warm days and nights turning chilly. Good growing weather, they say...

We have Ed's garlic in at present for any of you wishing to grow some of your own garlic. It's the Italian White variety and very nice. We also have a supply of Russian (or Elephant) garlic in suitable for growing as well. The Italian garlic is stronger in flavour and the Russian variety is milder, even suitable raw, in salads.

Bill of Beulah Organics has been harvesting some beautiful red capsicums and eggplant. He sent down some tomatoes last week for us to try (beautiful!) and always has terrific Lebanese cucumbers. We reckon he polishes them, they look so good, but have actually heard this rumour may be correct! Whenever polishing, he does so with just a cloth, that is - no chemicals or waxes!

Those Gala apples from Kirkconnell are fabulous and members are raving over them. Remember if you want a supply of them for munching and school lunch boxes, order a half or full crate of them in the fortnightly bulk orders. The latest bulk order form will be sent out to members over the weekend.

We're receiving a number of new enquiries as the interest in chemical free and safe food increases. People are (rightly) concerned about what is sprayed on their food but also what is added to the soil in which it is grown.

If you have found our blog and want to trial an organic food box, please email FIG on info@fig.org.au.

See you at the co-op!

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