02 May 2010

FIG updates 2nd May

Lani, one of our original core group members, gave birth to a dear baby boy today. Mother and baby are well! Our warm congratulations go to Lani and family...

With this warm weather, why not get planting and pop some more winter vegies in? Diana will be along with her organic seedlings tomorrow, and if you cannot see what you are looking for, leave a note for her with any special requests or orders.

We've been advised by our free range egg farmer tonight that the egg order for tomorrow is short so we will need to refund a few members or move your egg order over to the following week. We apologise for the shortage but chooks being chooks and Autumn THE time for moulting and going off the lay, we have to understand such vagaries of nature, and the consequences of eating in season. FIG refuses to support poultry practises which use unnatural means to keep a hen laying throughout the year and in conditions which could only be described as cruel, and trust that our members will understand.

The next FIG meeting is Monday 10th May, due to start after packing up for the day. All members are very welcome to join in on the discussions and decision making. In fact we would really like your regular input, so please come along if you're able.

See you at the co-op...

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