22 May 2010

Knowing when to plant what in our gardens

Central Coast Biodynamic farmer and FIG supplier, Michael Champion, spoke at this week's Permaculture Central Coast meeting on local food systems, Slow Food and so forth.

One thing he said (and repeated) was that if you want really fresh, nutritious food, the best thing to do is to grow it yourself.

Some of us are beginner gardeners and don't know what's in season and when to plant what. The following link may help you in determining what to plant at this time of year.

Gardenate lists which seeds to plant at various times of year and whether they are to be sown directly in the ground or raised in seed boxes for a few weeks. Click on the names of the vegetables and up comes growing and cooking information. You can also subscribe to Gardenate and have a list emailed to you at the beginning of each month for sowing tips.

The Central Coast, we've found, can be divided up into two of Gardenate's zones - both sub tropical and temperate, depending on where you live and if you experience frost in your area. Sometimes we read information for both zones.

Don't forget that some of our members would like to start up a seed swap within FIG so let us know if you would like to join in.

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