25 February 2010

In the beginning...

Originally posted on 20th August, 2008

Welcome to our new blogspot FIG-Food Integrity Group.

The idea of FIG came together when a small group of people realised there was a larger demand within the local community for fresh, affordable organic/biodynamic produce.This created a start for a few informal meetings and a basic survey to gather an idea of exactly what the majority of people were looking for.

It has now evolved into a more formal group of 7 core ‘members’ who have put together the following charter and outline of a proposed collective community buying/growing group.

As we grow in awareness of the fragility of the current system of food production and food distribution and its consequential damage to the environment our health and community, FIG aims to promote/support/grow food that decreases the stress on the environment and ultimately the stress on our health and community through education and the provision of fresh/dried organic, local, homegrown/community/locally grown affordable food.

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